Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Books of All Books, filled with LOVE????

For all of my life I questioned clergy and friends how they felt about God. They all believe that the lord of lords sent down the words, which were printed in both testaments, that the bible is filled with only love and caring, and compassion. After all, it was written by the all mighty. You can tell that most had never read a word in the holy book. Even some of the cloth had no recollection of the proverbs I will list here. I will give you a short description of some.

(Proverbs 13:24, 20:30, 23:13-14) God says to parents that if their children get out of line, we should beat them with a rod. If they talk back to you, "KILL THEM".

(Leviticus 20:, Deuteronomy 21:18-21, Mark 7:9-13 and Mathew 15:47) We must also stone people to DEATH for heresy, adultery, homosexuality, working on the Sabbath, worshipping graven images, practicing sorcery, and a wide variety of other imaginary crimes. I could go on and on.

This will stir up those who happen to read my blog. Maybe none.

Tell me, what good did god do for his people in New Orleans? Why weren't they warned? Why are hundreds of thousands of innocent children dying from starvation all over the world? Why do so many people hate? Why are so many people without a place to live? Why doesn't the lord reach out and try to stop the evil that is growing in our country?

It seems like, when people happen to survive some catastrophe, they credit that to the lord. When an athlete achiever’s success, which he worked so hard to perfect, he raises his arms and points to the sky, and thanks god for the single wonderful moment he had. He feels that god gave him the goodies that made him what he has become. He forgot about his sweat and tears while trying to become the professional he was.

If I received help from the lord, no matter what, I would feel guilty as hell knowing that there are so many people and animals that are suffering. Why help me, only one of billions?

I don’t deny that faith is a good trait to have. Have faith in your self. Have faith in nature, that the sun and moon will always rise and set. Have faith in the people you love or enjoy. What’s the use of having faith in a form created by human beings You remember, the old sweet but rugged long bearded man draped in a white silk. He never shows himself. Nature shows what nature creates.


  1. Well congratulations on your first post!
    I'll bite on the argument for the sake of discussion. No so much to change your mind as I figure we all believe what we want to believe...
    First, most Christians agree that the old Testament law was replaced by the sacrifice Jesus made. His life for our sins. Paul addresses living by the spirit of the law and not so much by the letter. So there is not much point in killing folks who don't follow the letter of the law. And since we now are able to go directly to God and not through the priest it would be up to God to strike us dead for misbehaving. Not so sure I got all the theology right as I'm not a theologan (however you spell it) nor do I really care to be one. (But, I'd rather see than be one...)
    I'm thinking most Christians also agree as you don't really see any Christians stoning people in the news today.
    As to bad things happening to good people. I think you have got it backwards.
    Random good and bad things happen to people and your religious faith helps you assign positive values to whatever good or bad random thing happens.
    For example: God has a lesson to teach us from the New Orleans fiasco. (hire more bus drivers? Don't vote for Mr. Nagan?) And you focus on the positive. Many lives were saved...
    Or another example. Say my kid was just hit by a bus. If the kid died I would say, God spared my child the pain of being crippled and took him to heaven, or by my testimony of love for God despite my loss, souls will be saved. If the kid doesn't die then God saved my child's life...
    So what if is rationalization. The human experience is one of rationalization. Just because I know I'm doing it does it make it not work? Just because I don't know your scheme for dealing with problems does it make yours invalid?
    So..I get up every morning, I put one foot in front of the other. Sometimes I'm sad as life can be a bitter struggle. When things are bad I look to God to give me strength to make it through. When things are good I thank God for the good times. When I see people doing wrong, if it is any of my business, I tell them to do better. I know that whether I believe in God or not does make him real or unreal.
    I choose to believe in God for reasons that can't really be explained to someone who doesn't.
    Has worked for me so far. Makes me a better person. I pretty much go with the 10 commandments and the Sermon on the Mount concepts. Try to do the right thing. When I do the wrong thing I ask for forgiveness and move ahead.
    Leave the whole killing people over eating the wrong food in the old Testament.
    Anyway I'm not really arguing just adding to your discussion. You have your way of dealing with life and I have mine...
    One thing I would actually argue with you on. If you got some divine help you should just say thank you. If someone walked up to me and gave me a million bucks or fixed my sore back or rescued my child, I wouldn't ask "why me?" I would say "thank you very much!" and I would go out of my way to help the next person who comes along.

  2. It sounds like you have led a very interesting life. Sounds like you are a self made man. Baseball, the Bronx, Army, What about window dressing? You do interesting displays?
    Inquiring minds want to know!
    You need to write something else!

  3. I was walking down the road the other day and all of a sudden this black cat walked in front of me and there was a bright light and this giant cat appeared and said tell Ronald Clifford to write more stories of his life. He is an interesting guy otherwise I'd have just let him die..."
    True story. I would not lie to someone I don't even know...

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